"Discover Why Your Body Is Storing Fat Instead of Burning Fat & How You Can Instantly Change This To Lose 5kg, 10kg, 15kg or More!"

Did you know that low-calorie dieting actually increases
the enzymes (fancy name for a bunch of cells) in your body
that are responsible for storing fat and that long boring
cardio sessions are not the best way to burn fat?



Have You Had Enough Of Going From One Diet To The Next With No Long-Term Results ...

Or perhaps you are fed up with trying each new fitness fad as it comes out only to feel like you have been ripped off by false promises like 'get a flat tummy in 2 weeks'!

There is a better way
, one that is easy, makes sense and gives you scientifically proven methods, and most importantly, one that works -permanently!

The Real Body Club
uses only the latest, scientifically proven research to give you the quickest, safest and healthiest way of losing weight. My easy-to-follow Real Body Plan will give you everything you will ever need to know, do and be to finally achieve long-term weight-loss and it will get you off the silly merry-go-round of dieting by exposing the myths, lies and untruths that the diet industry doesn’t want you to know about. Don’t squish into another tight pair of jeans, start today!

Sonja Falvo

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Do You Want To Flick The Switch To Become A
F-A-S-T Fat Burning Machine?

I am so excited about what my Real Body Plan can do for you! By joining The Real Body Club and following my step by step plan you will finally be able to transform your body; by taking advantage of many well-kept industry secrets and weight-loss research you will be able to 'flick the switch' that will turn your body from a fat-storing machine into a F-A-S-T fat-burning machine.

You will begin to see positive changes within your first week; you will have more energy, your clothes will start to feel looser, and you will feel better-more self-confident, you will like YOU more!! Plus, the best part about my plan is that you get all of these great benefits whilst still enjoying your favourite foods and eating more food than you ever thought you could - all whilst getting rid of your excess weight, PERMANENTLY!

If you are wondering if The Real Body Plan is really for you? Ask yourself this:

  • Are you fed up with dieting ?
  • Are you tired of feeling like you have to starve yourself to lose weight?
  • Are you self conscious about your body?
  • Do you lack the energy and vitality to get through your days?
  • Do you crave sweet foods by mid-afternoon?
  • Do you have a busy lifestyle and need a program that fits around your commitments?
  • Have you tried everything and nothing has worked for you long-term?
  • Have you had enough of giving up your favourite foods?
  • Have you pretty much given up on ever being able to lose your unwanted body-fat?
  • Does the sound of eating six times a day, including dessert, appeal to you?
  • Does a quick and flexible exercise program that can be done anywhere, at home, in a park or at the gym sound like something you could manage?
  • Does the thought of finally getting the body of your dreams with a realistic program designed for real people who really love food excite you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then my Real Body Plan is 100% for you! By eating the right foods at the right times and doing exercises that give you maximum results in minimum time you will be able to finally flick the switch that turns your body into a fat-burning machine.


Finally, A Weight-Loss Program
For People Who Love Food!

Now, if you happen to be wondering why I called it The Real Body Plan, it is because I designed it for real people; people who want a simple way to lose weight with minimal fuss, bother and hassle; people who really love food and want to create and associate pleasure with eating instead of guilt and frustration; people who want maximum results from their program without spending endless hours doing boring, repetitive exercises that produce no visible changes or results.

The Real Body Club
brings together the entire Real Body Plan in a supportive environment that will ensure you stay on track and achieve amazing weight-loss success, but don’t just take my word for it. Here are just some of the amazing success stories of real people who had almost given up on ever successfully losing their weight until they tried my Real Body Plan.



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'17 Little Known Secrets That You Must Know So That Your Weight-Loss Plans Don't Fail'.

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I Am Sure By Now You Are Wondering What You Get
As A Member Of The Real Body Club

The Real Body Club gives you the support you need to make losing weight easier whilst connecting you with a caring community of other people who are also on a weight-loss journey: having other people to ‘talk’ to, sharing your ups and downs, finding encouragement when you need it, being able to offer encouragement to others when they need it, sharing what works for you, and sometimes, just the thought of knowing you are not alone, can all make a big difference to your ultimate success.

PLUS, you will get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the revolutionary new Real Body Real Meal Planner; no more time consuming, confusing meal plans or calorie counting, this makes eating healthy QUICK, EASY and SIMPLE! It really does take all the guess work out of weight-loss.

There are many benefits of your membership, including:

Short on time, no problem; plan your entire week’s meals, recipes and shopping list in under 15 minutes with The Real Body Real Meal Planner.
Real Body Recipes; mouth-watering recipes from every corner of the world prepared by our panel of expert nutritionists and recipe designers so you will always have quick, easy and nutritious ideas of what to cook and eat.
Burn Fat FASTER with our quick, easy to follow programs, at home, in the park or in a gym! The Real Body Real Strength Workout Planner will help you quickly and easily customize your own personalised training programs in just minutes.

No more watching the clock; download a variety of different voice-over and music options from our work-out library that are tailored to our unique 22-minute fat burner workouts so you know exactly when to change intensity, where you are at and when you are finished.

Sweet and savoury snacks to delight your tastebuds; with tasty high protein snacks like chocolate wafer biscuits, BBQ roasted soy nuts, chocolate coated soy balls and cherry jelly, our exclusive range of healthy snacks are unlike any others on the market….and totally optional!
Real Mind Success Strategies; fact sheets, videos and audio tutorials to guide you through different stages of your weight-loss journey; Emily Diamond, our resident expert in Body Psychology will help you to overcome psychological or emotional barriers that could be holding you back from losing weight.
Share your experiences; use the Members’ Success Lounge Forum to share your experiences with other members or read about theirs.
Share your story; visit the Members’ Hall of Fame to share your success story with other members or get inspired by reading theirs.
Expert advice; fact sheets and forum postings on a wide variety of topics including weight loss, health, fitness, healthy eating, meditation, behavioral patterns and general well-being.
Scientific research and news; access the most current information to keep up to date with what is happening in the health, fitness and weight-loss industries.
Success Newsletter; a weekly e-mail newsletter filled with interesting articles from experts in their field, proven weight-loss tips, recipe ideas, member testimonials and more.
Special membership discount offers from our carefully selected Privilege Partners.
No sneaky fine print; The Real Body Club has no minimum membership period, no contracts and no joining fee! We are committed to helping you achieve your weight-loss goals whether you want to join for 1 month or 1 year, we are here for you.

Want to take a sneak peek of
The Real Body Club

Click here to view the members log in screen where you can see all the different areas that you will have immediate access to! Shhh..




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'17 Little Known Secrets That You Must Know So That Your Weight-Loss Plans Don't Fail'.

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Access To Your Very Own Team
Of Experts To Help You Succeed!

My Real Body Plan has been developed in conjunction with, and continues to be supported by, a team of highly qualified experts; we are all here to give you the very best in terms of weight-loss advice, tools, mouth-watering recipes, success strategies, support and guidance. Every detail of my Real Body Plan has been carefully put together to ensure you achieve your weight-loss results and are able maintain them life-long!

Along with myself and the Real Body support team are; Judith Wills, Liz Ashworth and Rachael Anne Hill who will provide you with new and exciting recipes every month; and Emily Diamond, Real Body's Expert in Psychology and Personal Performance. Here are two of the team for you to get to know:

Emily Diamond is thoroughly qualified in NeuroLinguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Coaching, Consulting, NeuroRepatterning, Healthcare, and Adult Education. Emily's many years of Medical, Healthcare, Business and Sports experience see her consulting from her Sydney and Brisbane offices and leading workshops in a variety of locations around Australia.

Emily is fascinated with the mind-body sciences (psychoneuroimmunology) and this led her to training in Psychological tools for Performance and Productivity.
Her intention in to maximise people's quality of life through education and training.

In conjunction with the Real Body Club's program, Emily is your partner in mastering your mindset. Using the world's best methods for personal and professional development and elite tools that transform patterns of behaviour, thoughts and feelings, Emily will assist you in permanantely altering your view of yourself and give your mastery over your body.

Liz Ashworth is an internationally recognised and practicing Nutritionist; born in Scotland, Liz’s passion for cooking started when she was only three years old, and she hasn’t stopped since! Twelve years with Baxters Food Group started a long career in the food industry including working with many top food manufacturing companies to develop new products; many of which have won awards.

A member of the Guild of Food Writers of Great Britain, Liz is passionately committed to promoting good healthy food and teaching ‘would be chefs’ of all ages the art of cooking. Liz is actively involved with ‘cook school with a difference’ on Westray, Orkney where all are welcome to enjoy real home cooking and she works with the Agronomy Institute on Orkney and Food Producers in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

Liz's mouth-watering recipes will show you that good, wholesome and healthy is not difficult to do, tastes wonderful, saves food miles and does your body good too.


"Get The Body You Have Always Wanted,
Or Cost You Nothing"
100% Money-Back Guarantee!

That's right, you will also recieve my personal sixty day full money-back guarantee…no questions asked!


I am so confident that you are going to absolutely love the results you get from being a member of The Real Body Club and following my Real Body Plan that if you are not absolutely delighted with your results, I will refund your money in full any time within the first sixty days...no if’s, no but’s, no hassles, no questions asked!

Simply send your refund request by email to success@realbodyclub.com and our team will process your request immediately.

Sound too good to be true?
This is not a fad diet or a bunch of slimming shakes that requires you to ‘drink yourself into starvation’, this is a real program that works for real people; I know that by following my Real Body Plan you will notice positive changes from your very first week!

The support, tools and recipes you will have access to by using The Real Body Club will most certainly change your life for the better; you will get the body you have always wanted, you will be buying clothes that look amazing on you, you will find a renewed zest and energy for living, and you will have a new healthier lifestyle that is easy to stick to and will benefit you for years to come.

So that’s why we offer you a sixty day full money back guarantee; the whole team here at Real Body already know you are going to love it! So what are you waiting for, join now and start making the most of your Real Body Club membership today!



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'17 Little Known Secrets That You Must Know So That Your Weight-Loss Plans Don't Fail'.

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I'm definately interested Sonja...
is this going to cost me a lot?

As I mentioned earlier, there are no contracts and no joining fees so you don't have to worry about being tied into your membership should you choose to go back to trying to lose weight on your own. PLUS you have my sixty day no questions asked money back guarantee.

So the answer to your question is...NO, The Real Body Club is not going to cost you a lot! I could charge higher prices because we have so many unique membership benefits, like our Real Meal Planner, Real Strength Planner and MP3 Fat-Burner Workout Music Library (that are not available on other weight-loss membership sites), but I am more interested in helping to make healthly living and weight-loss accessible to everyone.

How much is your monthly membership to The Real Body Club? It's not $57 or $47, in fact your Real Body Club membership is only $37(AUD) per month! You will then be billed monthly for as long as you choose to stay a member; you can be a member for a month or a year or more! The choice it totally yours!

As soon as you have joined, you will be given a link to your exclusive private membership website where you will be able to log in and start making the most of your membership immediately!


Your First Month's Membership Is Practically FREE!

I am including these 2 FREE BONUSES valued at $37 as a way of saying ‘thank-you’ and to congratulate you for taking the first step towards your new and very exciting future. So, in addition to your sixty day, no questions asked money back guarantee, you are also getting 2 bonuses to the value of your first month's membership!


Act today and you will also recieve a FREE Daily Food Diary vauled at $17.

The Real Body Daily Food Diary is a 7-day journal that allows you to write down your planned meals each day as well as to record what you actually ate for each of your meals.

Writing down you meals helps to avoid accidentally skipping meals, but also helps you to visualise what food choices you are actually making each day. Becoming more conscious about your food choices is an important part of eathing healthy and losing weight.



Act today and you will also recieve a bonus mini Recipe E-book valued at $20.

You can never have too many healthy, appetising recipes at hand! These seven recipes can be used for any of your Real Body meals and cover breakfast, morning and afternoon tea, lunch, dinner and snack options so you can joing today and use these yummy recipes straight away!



Where do you see yourself in 5, 10 or 20 years?

If, after reading about my personal sixty day money back guarantee and your joining bonuses valued at $37, you are still unsure about taking up this amazing offer and finally achieving the body you have always dreamed of, then I want you to ask yourself the following questions:


If I keep doing what I am doing right now, eating the foods I am eating right now and living the lifestyle I am living right now, in another 5, 10 or 20 years… 

    • What will my body look like?
    • How will I feel about myself?
    • How much energy will I have?
    • Will I be happy?
    • Will I have good health?
    • Will I be confident or self-conscious?  
    • Will I be able to enjoy doing everything my friends are doing?

Don’t let yourself become just another statistic that merely exists unhappily through life; take your life by the reigns, get excited about where this journey could take you, and think about the endless possibilities that may eventuate for you by just taking this first step. There is something so very powerful about transforming your body and knowing that you are finally in control, which then transcends into every other part of your life to give you a new power – a new kind of belief in yourself that will make you unstoppable!

This program is a powerful life-changing
experience and it works

It was designed for real people just like you, to give you a real chance to feel and know the success that comes from having your ideal body and your ideal life and, more importantly, the knowledge of how to keep it forever.

For whatever reason your weight has become an issue for you – whether it was a way to deal with stress or a means of avoiding boredom over the years; perhaps it was your way of dealing with an unhappy childhood or emotions that were too hard to manage; maybe it had nothing to do with emotional triggers and more to do with just never having a good relationship or understanding about healthy eating and exercise; even if you were just suffering from a severe case of ‘excuse-itis’ where you would always find a reason why your health or fitness had to be put on the back burner – whatever the reasons, the past is in the past and it all stops here.

Think of today as the first day of the rest of your life!

I truly am passionate about helping you discover the secrets to achieving long-term fat loss, increased self-esteem and a positive quality of life. By exposing the untruths of the multi-billion dollar global diet industry and giving you a system to achieve your weight-loss goals, I just know that you will be successful.

To get started today, simply CLICK HERE and you will get immediate access!

Your friend and mentor

Sonja Falvo
Author, Speaker &
International Body Transformation Specialist

P.S. If you are reading this and you still haven’t joined…what are you waiting for! Join The Real Body Club now by CLICKING HERE and get the body you have always wanted but never really had the right program to help you achieve it. With $37 in bonuses by joining today, no joining fee or minimum contracts and a sixty day full money-back guarantee, what have you got lose? (except, of course, your weight!)

P.P.S. Join today and you will also receive one more special bonus offer from Emily Diamond, our resident Body Psychologist; Emily is offering new members a 50% disount voucher for any of her digital training programs . This discount voucher is valued at $50 taking your total bonuses to over $87. Be quick…this offer is strictly limited!



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'17 Little Known Secrets That You Must Know So That Your Weight-Loss Plans Don't Fail'.

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